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Let's face it, from here on out all mobile truck washing operators must comply with environmentally accepted washing procedures. That means "NO" waste-wash-water runoff ever. Yes, complying with such rules and environmental regulations can be tough, but it is now a necessity, not an option. Not only are customers potentially liable for run-off from their property, but there are serious fines, and even jail time for mobile fleet truck washing operators who do not follow the rules. One option for a mobile truck washing team or business is to clean the vehicles on a mat which collects the wash water affluent, pre-treats and recycles it, and then anything left over can be taken to the appropriate location for processing.

Now then it might make sense to find a used environmentally complaint washing rig at a fair price, one which is in decent condition with all the environmental equipment. Below is just such a unit, if it fits your needs.


 Hamilton Environmental Truck Washing Equipment

Picture Above; Hamilton trailer shows 2 wash bays (at Truck Stop location)

Snipes and Wipes
Environmentally Compliant Wash System

Each of our “mobile” units is fully self-contained with the ability to recapture, recycle and reuse the wash water. Mobile units carry everything we need to provide complete washing and detailing services including water, water containment equipment, cleaning supplies (environmentally compliant) & a recycling system (customized for the operator's needs). 

 The automated closed-loop systems allow us to wash a vehicle, collect all of the residual water, recycle/clean the water (via reverse osmosis) and reuse the water to wash additional vehicles. This systems are able to monitor, water turbidity, ph, total dissolved solids (TDS) and water use.

 The Snipes & Wipes System and customized recycling equipment has the ability to far exceed the use for which it was originally intended; as a result they have acquired the services of industry experts to help assess our ability to re-purpose our systems for additional applications. Applications include, but certainly not limited to; automobile and heavy equipment manufacturing/wash processes, automatic car wash systems, wastewater disposal units and automotive paint shops, just to name a few.

The Truck Wash Guys endorse this system as the right choice for environmentally complaint washing and cleaning of transportation, and construction equipment.


Available immediately!

2 fully equipped 38ft trailers. The recycler is automated with very minor manual intervention. Available for Big Rig, Trailer, Camper, Car or Heavy Equipment Washing.

 With this unit - the Truck Wash Operator or Trucking Company washing their own units has everything they need to stay compliant, without needing to build an enclosed truck wash which could easily run well over a million dollars, perhaps two by the time it is completed. The system is easy to use, and will keep the company out of regulatory problems.

This unit is equipped with 40 KW 120/208 VOLT 3 Phase Genset. Engine is a John Deere Model 5030T water cooled diesel, w/12-volt starter and charge system. Stainless exhaust, and heavy duty everything, also w/block heater. Air compressor (2HP, 120V, 100PSI), 5 GPM Sump Pump, 2 Hydrotech Hot Water Pressure Washers; 5 GPM @ 4000 PSI Skid Units, a final rinse pump, and 10 GPM Water Recycler. 550 Gal fresh water tank, (3) 330 gallon tote 3, (2) 275 gallon cone bottom tote. (3) High-Flo Carbon Filter Pack, (2) Mazi Filters, and 1 RO unit w/3-filters. (3) AC 3-phase pumps (1.5 HP), salt free-water softener, 3-overhead air exhausts and 1 heat vent per unit. 200-gallon diesel tank double walled, 200 feet of hoses and wash guns. 100 feet of hose for RO with quick disconnects, complete interior lighting, flood lights for exterior for all-night work.

truck washing trailer

  • Frame:  Steel tube main rails, 16" on center chassis, 102" wide, triple tube tongue (20' or longer), dust barrier/ sealed sidewalls, beavertail, formed steel rear header, undercoated chassis, safety chains welded.
  • Axle & Tire:  Torflex axle, electric brakes w/breakaway/battery, 15" white D-window wheels, E-Z lube hubs with grease caps, premium radial tires, chromed steel center caps.
  • Exterior:  ATP stoneguard, .030 smooth aluminum exterior, seamless aluminum roofing, anodized aluminum bright vertical front corners, cast aluminum rear corners, .080 mill finished extruded aluminum top rap, polished aluminum wrapped rear end, DOT/CSA lighting, aluminum fenders, sealed clearance lights, rear tail lights mounted in corner post, injection molded license plate bracket w/light.
  • Interior:  3/4" Advantech decking, (2 total) non powered roof vents, decking flush with rear opening, (4 total) 5000# floor D-rings, white vinyl walls, insulated white vinyl ceiling, (4) 12V dome lights, (2) 12V wall switch.
Doors:  48" side door, tube steel framed perimeter side door, aluminum door frames, dual sealed side door, ramp door spring assist, camlock door latches, hold backs on all doors, safety spring chains on all doors. 

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If you are interested in doing it right using state-of-the-art environmentally complaint fleet truck washing equipment, please contact us right away and we will refer you to Snipes and Wipes!

email: Lance [at] CarWashGuys [dot] com


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