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Recovery mat used to keep drinking water clean.

Protection of environment is important to all Truck Wash Guys.   This is way we use our special inhouse designed recovery mat, pictured above next to one of our fixed site truck wash cars, to reclaim all the water that is used in the wash process. 

Part of being a good truck wash is also being a good corporate citizen and doing our part to keep our drinking water safe in America.   This is why we comply 100% with all NPDES policies and regulations, and The Federal Clean Water Act of 1972, with all of its many amendments.  Our customers know we take care of business and the Environment. 

However, this is only part of the reason we are number one recommended truck wash of our customers.  The Truck Wash Guys truck in the picture is our Global Annihilator Series Unit, it is a 2001 model, custom built for our franchise Team Members.  Our washing system, equipment and procedures give us an edge against the competition.  This particular truck is the envy of PWNA (Power Washers of North America) members nationwide.

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